-Profession: Journalist and Writer (also studied Law about two years and worked as comercial model).

-Proud of? My first book, published and released in portuguese language.

-Talk to the walls? I speak in my own name.

-Secret of your profession? I read only what is important.

-What is important? Love, time, sex, relationships and mess we went through.

-Any beauty secret? A good sleep and a bath too.

-Pilates or Yoga? I am fine for today.

-The best advice you gave: believe in faith, do not believe in Lucky.

-The best advice you received: mind the gap.

-Best gift: my family.

-An adventure: to be alive.

-And a new one? Is going to happens...

-Classic or sexy? There´s a time for everything.

-Something to declare? A lot...but i swear I don´t have a gun.

Gabriel Colombo - All rights reserved

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