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Imaginary Party


  • You do nothing , is there still and I create all fantasy alone.

    You walk , I think beautiful.

    You stumble , I see dance.

    bal?es 2You come with kindness , and I think you want me .

    You do not approach , and I feel that I never gave a damn .

    You do not know anything, have no idea of how I can like you more .

    And I wanting something I never asked .

    I think safe to do so , I created the novel in me .

    It is too dangerous not hear you.

    And even more dangerous hear a yes.

    And the worst is that all this makes me mad .

    It's as if I invited you to the party and was mad that you did not come.

    Being an idiot who forgot to attend or even never wanted ?




Gabriel Colombo - All rights reserved

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