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I want to tell you my dreams.These ones I allow me to dream.I want to

open my heart, this same one that ironically doesn´t dreamHoneymoon

anymore,´cause is restless and slepless.I try to tell you what trigger

me, my hidden desires, but they find a way to ride away from me right,

and I can not find the words to reach them and put it all to burst to

you. Do not think that I am disappointed, to be true, just a little.Not

about me, but for you. I still want a lot. Several things: the dreams,

the desires, the silver and gold lines, and the whole life to lay in my

bed or walk in the street and living what I wish to.May be one day the

ideas or a masterplan will came to visit my mind, invade my head and I

will call you to share, ask for something, or just to confess.I

suddenly might to appear shinning as a star inside your glass of

wine.Then you say to me that you sorry too much and I light a

cigarrette.I will notice a teardrop and I will return with my lagh.You

give me all the complements of the world about my person and I give to

you my deep philosophy mixture with my passionate poetry.You lie to me

and I pretend to believe. We get toghether, kiss full on the lips,

create a new life, buy a one-way travel ticket, turn off your mobiles

phones and afterward we went in a honeymoon with no rush or time to end


Gabriel Colombo - All rights reserved

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