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...I told you five or four times, so, again...Luv Luv Luv

Love is ungrateful. Spend time loving, or, even living the passion,, is
like to sign your death certificate.
Before this, the suffering.
Over the next years. Months. Or decades.
And nothing, and noone will be in your skin to slow down all this pain.
Caused by this feeling wich people used to call:
-Love Love Love.
It has an unique power. An unique quality.
To push all your bottons. The bottom of euforia. Happiness. Ecstay. Pleasure.
Without being in mind there is a second bottom.
Much red and powerfull and influention called "Game Over".
This bottom, you will say, problably, will never be touched by yours.
Because if it is real love, it never ends.???
But the weather turns. Extropical cyclones invade our country.
Reverage my city.
And life, can be turned into a hell.
One day, for the one who you cry,
listening Chet Baker or Billie Holliday on kitchen
floor, will say to you:
And there´s a new one in her life.
 From the walls of your house will flow frustration.
And about your cry, who cares?
Just whoever you will pay. And by the way, do you have money?
About all this mess will be almost like dying.
Problably, you wil get some depression.
Will sleep.
Will go shopping.
Will have some food again.
You will do some pills and the doubts will start to disappear.
You will notice that in this game, you have to have the right numbers.
The lucky numbers. The Pin numbers.
What are the write numbers? By the way?
I am not sure.
You can bet once again in this lottery. To loose everything.
And then remember that you should keep your body and your soul very
away from love.
Because, from what I have learned, listen , heard,
love is impossible.
...almost impossible,... bloody hell!





Gabriel Colombo - All rights reserved

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