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I'll Steal you for Me at gun point

ElvisI’m tired.

Where have you been?

I lost my patience.

Okay, I agree, I'm too anxious, but then what do you

suggest? Would you only suggest surreal things...? I'll take you away from him.

That guy who is hairy and thinks he understands all of the hundred

best poems takes you nowhere. I'll read your thoughts

fish for the words in the air, at noir with you and assemble a movie scene. It´s because calmly, I'm waiting ... waiting ... soon I’ll have to outline a plan.

I'll say hi and suddenly I'll steal you to me at gun point. My will? It is not to shave and let the beard rub against your chest breath on the nape of your neck. And within these conditions, I will not use my Italian perfume because my smell is your home. So then,

who can judge? For so long I await your call, your explanation, and your presence. So I fail to follow the right and just follow your steps, get lost along the path. Lose me? Not anymore. If it is for much urgency, I will violate my silence and

tell everything to your friend. I have looked every way, but I only see this: I'll

make you live the unbalance of love to see how it rhymes with

pain. And with all my lamentations. Why get ashamed of wearing my shirt

with the first three buttons open if I know all you like is a good scoundrel?! I’ll change my profession ... I'm saving dirty talk to tell you at the foot of your ear. Maybe I’ll breathe again, because I will not be part of you, but we will be complete. Completely mine. Furthermore, you need not worry, it will be a spectacular day and with the heart of an adventurer I will explore your land full of wiles. To overcome your resistance, I will just play this game with marked cards and the

wildcards in place under my sleeves. Furthermore, no need be to stay sad, you will receive flowers without having to be your birthday. (I do not

I want you to tell me what you see in me).

And that's enough?

Under your door I’ll leave a note saying kisses

with my initials in black pen. To overcome your resistance, I will dress any jeans and pass as many times as possible at your workplace, not looking at the sky, but with his gaze fixed at you. For its fine with me when I jump all the hurdles, progress

all borders to, large, appear in your eyes. I’ve talked extensively with my pillow and I do not need to win in life. In how much time will I win you? Meanwhile I memorize film scripts and fiddling ice

with fingers. All inspires me, because you insist in memory. I see you smile. And me? What do I do? Years in a row, waking up, I will not walk just for the body. I will create chance and, since then, walk by its routine. And one day you will think, not infrequently, is met by a guy who eats you with the eyes. So then to have you naked, I'll bribe all. To forge proximity. I’ll use a flirt that is not flirted, the essence is more important. And my nature will be fundamental to you, or else you seem more like an empty bottle on the floor. If you want, I’ll do a strong guitar solo. One of those that strum the strings with randiness. Since I imagine, that I sleep on your side and if I hear noises in the street, that has no importance or value ... I do not want to let you down,

but I know more or less your tastes. You have the bitterness of absence

and sweetness of promise. Together, evidence of existence. Far

uncertainty .... opening the champagne cork I’ll tell you come. Taking you to the room, having you in my lap, loving you. Getting in front of you, taking you in my arms, I am fire. And all this written on me, quoted in the last three lines above, I want tattooed on my body to use underneath the clothes. So when you see me naked, removing all, see it's all true. Ah, how I wanted you. And I want to stay here always...... Calm down, for it is not like that. It’s not over, so then man may discover new planets, move satellites. And anything that may happen to others. So I'll hold onto you, then let go. You’ll get lost. And again I’ll find you. Better: I’ll never let you go. Even after already being drowned as a castaway in your thirsty sweat, and made a drunken stupor in your kisses.


Gabriel Colombo - All rights reserved

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