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Kate, we want you drunk!

kate-moss-pelada-02-300Really? Is she silly and knows nothing? And wants to destroy herself like most women who drink too much and get ugly instantly?

I think not.

For fun?

You have seen that the limit is until you (almost) kill yourself?

Do drugs before getting on the catwalk and appear in public? By any chance is it

fear and desperation of not being recognized and valued through the lens of the

photographers and passers-by?

Kate Moss may leave behind the fears of passing in "white clouds".

She has already "been" and, unlike many, still “is” the sensation of being the

anti-model, was heroin in the 90s. Did she keep the 90s look for good? Forget it!

Kate Moss continues today. She drinks everyone and all people.

Never got on catwalk sober.

Advertising Girl-prodigy for Calvin Klein, drank CK for years.

Party’s wildly and has reigned among the best such as Linda Evangelista and

Naomi Campbell. The only one who has success today, being photographed

here and everywhere. Results: drank all other Tops in one gulp.

She also got involved in scandals in elegant awards events, leaves with a

torn Dior dress. She has coupled with the most diverse artists.

Generally, those who had apparent devil-like horns. From Johnny Depp to

Peter Doherty. The latter tried to drink her, but regurgitated. Threw in the towel and

broke up because he could not offer her the diamonds she wanted and his manhood was not up to her wants. Kate drinks all jewelry, devours men like breakfast after leaving the analysis and anorexia. When irritated by a presenter, she left cursing everyone. It was not yet well explained to him that she drinks from the fame world and dispenses presenters? She is always in tabloid covers in London. Photos of her doing coke in a studio. She lost million-dollar contracts with Chanel and H & M brands. She won in the American court, on the grounds that nobody could prove what the white powder was. Result: drank the Judge. She inhaled all with a little 5 pounds note. She does not care for the note value, she has all and wants to use a 100.

She succeeded, of course, to star back in covers of Vogue and sign

new contracts with maisons. Kate drinks all brands in the world. Her

height has never been standard with just over one meter and sixty. As if not enough:

Kate Moss drank the standard model babe, time and again, she shows what

God gave her in topless in Saint Tropez and does rehabilitation on the paradise islands.

People who drink a daily glass or two of beer live longer. So

following the logic, Kate will have eternal life. Kate will not become Buddhist or a Cabala adept, as Kate, we want you drunk. Half chic, half snobbish and half crooked. She would be strange as an exemplary girlfriend or going to the Dolce & Gabanna grocery. She will never marry anyone, does not want to marry. She has enough of herself. Kate marries herself.

Summary of the mess: she drinks to lower the superego and to reveal his ego, which is

much more "brouhaha" and sell more newspapers. Kate has a long and "white

career.”Laugh, dance, ask for another round and is broke in front of everyone.

Perhaps die, but her soul will walk around with a straw in one hand and an

*alcohol cup in the other. High, drinking all! Getting into scandals and causing confusion.

I love fallen Celebrities, down and grated in the ditch. Oh, heavens...


Gabriel Colombo - All rights reserved

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