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MineYoursOursTIME. Each with their own. A mother sees 9 MONTHS go by before she can hear the cry of her child. The happily married, walked side by side for 25 YEARS to open the champagne in celebration of their wedding. For singles, it's time to get involved, to live a thousand times more.

When will we fill out a check, we exclaim - "What day is it today?" And when the week does not get anything good, we grumble - "What the hell, today is MONDAY!" And all this refers to time.

Do not even try to escape or refute, we're stuck with it. Making an appointment with your doctor depends on the availability of his time. So you arrive there ... and wait a while to be served. Yes, the time assumes waiting. Don’t you take the time to clear out the crumpled face from last night’s sleep to be able to begin the battle of the day?

Isn’t it much better to wait a while for dinner for two? To catch up and "everything else" instead of just eating the meal? How about waiting a while for that coveted dream date than go out in 5 minutes anyway and all wrong in life?

Is it worth it to go against the natural time of things? Of course not ... we would thus be forging a future that will be what would have been (!) Most suitable for us? Accelerating time is like cheating in the game. You'd be giving DATES, BEGINNINGS and ENDINGS to the passions that you will amazingly feel. Or you want to act like a silly child and watch only the end of the movie?

Without having to understand anything of the plot. What happens, what will happen. Plus, each of which moment will come.

Time is like a triangle, it has three sides: the PRESENT is constituted by the immediacy, it's entertainment, the moment of you being the protagonist. The PAST consists of old episodes and lived realities. Well or poorly resolved. And the FUTURE is anticipation. Ironically, you saw that the past exists only in the future?

The German philosopher Nietzsche declared: "All the ends were destroyed." It seems strong? Yes it is. In condition that every act of ours does not involves an EXACT order. That is, if I'm nice to others, do I also receive goodness in the end? If I save money all my life, is it guaranteed that I will be happy till death? Not always ... you know?

If you take into consideration that everything follows its natural course, you will know that each person owns his or her story, but is no MASTER of the WISDOM of his end. It is very presumptuous to think that the end is there, set for your attitude, and every act committed by you, will resonate with others. Provoke expected reactions, but often the UNEXPECTED. The acceptance or rejection of the neighbor.

I find so beautiful a passage from Ecclesiastes that says - "It's all vanity and passing wind." Is time then the MASTER of REASON ...(?), the all powerful that heals wounds and with his sidekick, the Wind takes old hurts, tears flowed and words spoken at the wrong time.

For us mortals, when we are busy, time seems to go against us. When we are idling, it never passes. But "even without feeling," time makes concrete realities ... Who knows what future time will bring us ever BAGS FULL, rain that doesn’t wet, ZEN Chess, self-cleaning brooms, INFINITE LIKE CHEWING GUM, loves, purple instead of red, cars that pass in the sky, parallel lines and that meet on the corner?

UNIVERSAL FLOW which opens space: change the world. Change characters. Change orders. It can make you go from villain to good guy. You can change the ending of the soap opera! Have you seen that the time is so, but SO POWERFUL, that it can make that vast gulf that separates us from all our love, (from one hour to another, simply) ... DISAPPEAR?


Gabriel Colombo - All rights reserved

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